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OEG Offshore

OEG Offshore uses C-SAM to streamline their asset management & rental operations


OEG Offshore is the world’s number one owner and lessor of reusable offshore certified containers with a comprehensive fleet of 75,000+ cargo carrying units (CCUs), enabling the safe transportation of essential cargo to and from offshore energy installations.

The Challenge

1. Asset Tracking: Managing a wide range of global assets had become challenging, resulting in difficulty monitoring asset locations and statuses.


2. Compliance and audit responsibilities: OEG Offshore operates in a highly regulated industry, requiring meticulous adherence to safety and compliance standards. Manual processes made it challenging to produce meaningful audit trails.


3. Customer Satisfaction: The reliance on standard tracking methods impacted internal efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

1. Reporting Functionality: C-SAM's robust reporting capabilities allowed OEG Offshore to generate detailed insights into asset utilisation, maintenance schedules, and compliance status. Customisable reports facilitated efficient communication with upper management and regulatory authorities.


 2. User-Friendly Interface: With over 300 users accessing the software, C-SAM's user­ friendly interface ensured easy adoption and seamless integration into daily workflows. System administrators could customise user access levels and interface settings according to their specific roles and preferences.


3. Automated Notifications and Actions: C-SAM's automated notification system enabled timely alerts and reminders for assigned tasks, ensuring that personnel were promptly informed of pending actions and deadlines. This streamlined communication and improved accountability across the organisation, delivering increased satisfaction among OEG’s rental customers.


 4. User Onboarding Support: To facilitate a smooth transition to the new system, OEG Offshore provided comprehensive user onboarding guided by the C-SAM team. This ensured that all employees were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilise the software.


By implementing C-SAM's Asset Rental Management software, OEG Offshore successfully addressed its asset management challenges and achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction. With a user-friendly interface, customisable features, and robust reporting capabilities, C-SAM empowered OEG Offshore to optimise asset utilisation, streamline processes, and drive business growth in the competitive offshore industry.

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