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Asset Tracking in the Defence & Offshore Industry: Survitec Group's Collaboration with C-SAM

Updated: Aug 9, 2023


In the dynamic fields of defence, marine, and offshore industries, ensuring the safety and traceability of critical assets is of paramount importance. Survitec Group, a leading provider of safety and survival solutions, recognized the need for an advanced digital solution to track their assets effectively. In their pursuit of an innovative solution, they found a valuable partner in C-SAM, a technology company specializing in asset management and tracking systems. Together, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize asset tracking within the industry.

The Challenge: Tracking Survival Suits and Life Jackets

Survitec Group operates in a highly demanding sector, supplying survival suits and life jackets to the, oil and gas. With a vast range of products and numerous stakeholders involved, the company faced challenges in accurately tracking the lifespan of their assets. It was crucial to monitor the manufacturing process, record service and repair work, and track asset movements when hired out to customers or individual users. The need for a comprehensive, end-to-end asset tracking solution was evident.

The Collaboration: Survitec Group and C-SAM

C-SAM worked closely with Survitec Group to understand their specific needs and challenges. The collaboration resulted in the development of a bespoke, module-based application that catered to the unique requirements of the business. This innovative solution would enable Survitec to track the entire lifecycle of their survival suits and life jackets, from manufacturing to subsequent services, repairs, and rentals.

Impact and Results: Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

1. Improved Compliance: Survitec Group can now ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, providing assurance to customers and stakeholders regarding the safety and reliability of their assets.

2. Streamlined Operations: The module-based application has streamlined asset tracking processes, reducing manual efforts and eliminating potential errors. This, in turn, has increased operational efficiency and allowed the company to focus on core business activities.

3. Enhanced Safety: By accurately monitoring asset lifespans and facilitating timely maintenance, Survitec Group can ensure that survival suits and life jackets are maintained efficiently.


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