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Capitalising local talent with Aberdeen-based filming company, Attic 87


When Survitec Group and C-SAM joined forces to revolutionize asset tracking in the defence and offshore industries, they wanted to showcase the success of their collaboration. To capture the essence of their innovative solution, they partnered with Attic 87, a local Aberdeen-based filming company.

David Paterson, Managing Director at C-SAM, was interviewed during the shoot. His insights shed light on the advanced capabilities of the tracking system and how it can help businesses efficiently monitor and manage their assets.

Filming the Warehouse and Staff in Action

The video case study shoot included capturing footage of the Survitec Group warehouse and its staff using the asset tracking software. Myke Black, Managing Director of Attic 87 skilfully captured the seamless integration of the software into Survitec's operations. The footage showcased staff members effortlessly navigating the software, managing assets, and ensuring smooth operations throughout the facility.

Celebrating Local Talent

The video case study shot in Peterhead, Scotland, not only showcased the success of the collaboration between Survitec Group and C-SAM but also highlighted the remarkable local talent. Attic 87, demonstrated their skill and professionalism in capturing the intricacies of the asset tracking software. The collaboration between local businesses and talent further strengthens the community and reinforces the capabilities available in the region.


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