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C-SAM Celebrates Another Success: Subsea Technology Rentals Ltd Acquires New User Licenses for Asset Rental Management

C-SAM, a leading provider of asset rental management solutions, is celebrating yet another triumph as Subsea Technology Rental, a prominent player in the industry, acquires several new user licenses for its rental management module. This recent collaboration underscores C-SAM's continued momentum in delivering innovative solutions that empower organisations to optimise their rental operations and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.


The rental management module offered by C-SA

M provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline processes and enhance visibility across every stage of the rental lifecycle. From initial inquiry to project closeout, the module enables precise control over budget allocation while offering a complete system overview, ensuring seamless and effective management of rental assets.


With STR's decision to invest in a number of new user licenses, C-SAM's rental management solution further solidifies its position as the go-to choice for organisations seeking to elevate their rental operations to new heights. The partnership between C-SAM and STR exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in addressing the evolving needs of the rental management industry.


Commenting on the collaboration, Managing Director, David Paterson at C-SAM expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to support STR in optimising its rental operations. "We are pleased to partner with STR and provide them with our advanced rental management solution. With our module, STR will have the tools they need to drive efficiency, improve visibility, and ultimately enhance their bottom line".

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