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C-SAM Expands Offerings to Include Comprehensive Hardware Solutions

C-SAM, a leading provider of asset and rental management solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into the hardware market. The company now supplies a wide range of hardware products, including touch screens, printers, handheld scanners, and label printers. This strategic move aims to provide clients with a complete suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency and streamline workflows.


Known for its robust software solutions in asset and rental management, C-SAM's new hardware offerings are designed to complement its existing services, providing customers with an integrated approach to managing their operations. By offering both software and hardware, C-SAM positions itself as a comprehensive solutions provider, capable of meeting the diverse needs of its clients.


“We are excited to expand our product range to include hardware solutions,” said David Paterson, Managing Director of C-SAM. “Our goal has always been to help our clients achieve operational excellence. With the addition of touch screens, printers, handheld scanners, and label printers, we can now offer an even more complete package to support their business needs.”


The decision to broaden its product portfolio comes in response to increasing demand from customers for a more unified solution that covers both software and hardware needs. By sourcing high-quality hardware, C-SAM ensures that its customers have access to reliable and efficient tools that work seamlessly with its software systems.


For more information on C-SAM’s new hardware offerings and how they can benefit your business, visit or contact 01224 249550



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