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Survitec Group

Survitec Group uses C-SAM to streamline their survival suit rental operations


Survitec Group is the leading global provider of cold-water survival water solutions to military forces, emergency services and oil and gas operators around the world. As part of their service provision, Survitec also offers a survival suit management and rental service with excess of 40,000 suits in global circulation.

With its headquarters based in Aberdeen, Survitec employs over 200 staff across its 14 international bases.

The Challenge

Following a merger in late 2004, the company realised that the patchwork of legacy business systems used to manage and track the rental suit operational activities were inefficient, non-scalable and too limited in terms of functionality and flexibility.

One of the main requirements was that the replacement system should be a tool for process improvements and provide instant and direct access to business-critical information. Another important requirement was to ensure that rental income from late and non-returned suits were accurately captured and automatically invoiced.

After scanning the market place within UK and Europe for an appropriate solutions vendor, Survitec selected C-SAM to design, develop and implement an integrated suit rental management system, which could be accessed via the network and remotely via the web.

The Solution

To begin with, C-SAM conducted a preliminary study of the main business processes, ensuring that the results of their analysis accurately incorporated Survitec’s distinct internal terminology into their new and streamlined operational workflow.

By using familiar terminology and limiting any unnecessary organisational disruptions to a minimum the project sponsors and end-users were able to quickly visualise their new workflows, allowing them to effortlessly refine their requirements during a series of C-SAM hosted workshops, which were attended by Survitec end-users and functional specialists.

C-SAM’s unique design and delivery approach reduced Survitec’s exposure to business risk and significantly reduced the design to delivery cycle to three months with a solution that encompassed training and the following core modules:

  • Asset Management

  • Inventory

  • Contract management

  • Maintenance management

  • Invoicing

  • Fixed asset register

To further reduce administrative burden, C-SAM also provided seamless interfaces with 3rd party applications and devices, including Vantage POB system and bar code readers.


Prior to implementing C-SAM, operations personnel would spend up to 4 hours per day cross referencing paper-based flight passenger lists and manually allocating suits to persons-on-board. As a result of implementing OPS, life is much easier for Survitec’s operations staff. With direct access to up-to-the minute electronic passenger lists and personal details, operations can ensure that appropriately sized survival suits and ancillary equipment are instantly dispatched to the right location at the right time.

In addition to a reduction in man-hours spent in preparation for daily flight suit requirements, C-SAM enable Survitec to track every survival suit, no matter where it is in the world and quickly identify when suits need to be replaced or require routine maintenance and washes.

Additionally, C-SAM allow Survitec managers to effortlessly produce management reports to monitor business performance across divisions without having to involve someone else in collating or preparing the reports.

Additional Applications

With the Suivival Suit Asset Management Application up and running, this flagship application was then demonstrated to other sectors of the Survitec Group.  From this demonstration, C-SAM have since developed a further 4 applications for Survitec to manage the following:

Survival Raft Rental

Asset Inspection and Certification

Tooling Management

Cylinder Bay

Each application uses our standard framework but each application has a completely different set of functionality and features.

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